Edward Harbrand

Viscount Harbrand, leader of the Brotherhood of Prometheus


Edward Harbrand is a hale man in his mid-50s. He is of middle-height, with a muscular build that is going soft with age. His large mustache and closed-cropped beard are going rapidly to white. His manner is jovial and unshakable.


Edward Harbrand is the seventh Viscount Harbrand, and a direct descendant of the first Viscount Harbrand. As a second son, Edward was free from the responsibilities of being the heir to both his family’s title and the leadership of the Brotherhood. As a result he spent his youth travelling the world as an agent of the Brotherhood, and became an accomplished hunter and fighter in his own right. During these travels, he met his wife Lillian, and recruited her into the Brotherhood after a whirlwind courtship.

The sudden death of both Edward’s father and older brother brought the couple back to England, where Edward assumed the title of Viscount and leadership of the Brotherhood of Prometheus. Together, Lillian and Edward worked tirelessly to further the mission of the Brotherhood, and to expand its ranks. Their family also grew, adding sons Thomas and Charles, and a daughter, Amelia. Tragedy again struck the Harbrand family with the untimely death of Lillian two years past, throwing Edward into a deep depression that he is only now emerging from.

Edward Harbrand

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