The year is 1880. Technology reigns supreme in Queen Victoria’s London: airships sail through the skies, the great factories of industry churn day and night, and new scientific discoveries are made practically daily. The superstitions of the past are falling away as society marches into the modern age …or so the general public believes.

The truth is that magic is real, and the monsters of old lore lurk in the shadows. Not everyone is ignorant of this dark threat, however: the Brotherhood of Prometheus is ever vigilant. Hidden beneath the guise of London’s posh Embers Club, the Brotherhood recruits England’s best and brightest into the fight against the supernatural. But when an unknown enemy attacks this ancient fellowship, the burden falls on the Brotherhood’s newest agents. Will they be able to hold back the darkness that threatens to set the sun on the British Empire once and for all?

Set in a slightly alternate Earth, this campaign uses the Real Time Combat Engine.

The Brotherhood of Prometheus

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