The Brotherhood of Prometheus

#1: Into The Fire

In which a shadowy Brotherhood is revealed...

Each of the players received a letter from Edward Harbrand, requesting a meeting to discuss a matter of business. Some of the group has had previous dealings with Viscount Harbrand: Ada Crossley had helped him contact the deceased Lady Harbrand shortly after the Viscountess’ death two years prior, and Lucius Beauregard is old friends with Lord Edward after they had an adventure together in America some years previous. Dominic Medina has never met the Viscount, who mentioned in his letter that he knew the Senor through his reputation, and hinted that they shared a common profession and similar goals.

…then the party awakens, a sickly sweet taste in their mouths. They find themselves trapped in a small room, with stone walls and a locked door. The last thing they all remember is being in a carriage on the way to meet with Lord Harbrand, before the carriage was attacked with gas grenades. Lord Harbrand’s ward, Jasper Kidd, who was sent to escort them, is here with them, retching in the corner. All of their weapons have been taken.

The party surveys their surroundings. Lucius takes a drink from his flask to steady himself, while Dominic slaps some sense into the discombobulated Jasper. Listening at the barred door, they can hear three men arguing over how to distribute the group’s stolen loot. Jasper tells the party that if they can make a distraction, he thinks he can help them out. Dominic then goes over to the door, yelling for the guards. The loudest lout comes over to what’s going on, and taunts the group by banging Dominic’s stolen sword over the bars of the cell window. Said lout is then grabbed by the throat and pulled against the door through the window, requiring the aid of his two fellows to free himself from being nearly choked to death.

The distraction in place, Jasper reveals his special Umbral abilites, and wraith-steps out of the cell, disappearing and then reappearing with the party’s weapons in hand, save for the now badly damaged sword. Astonished at seeing the party rearming themselves, three three thugs unlock the door and rush in to attack. Halfway through the brawl, two more thugs join in, but all are handily dispatched.

Leaving the cell, the group finds themselves at the terminus what appears to be an abandoned and unfinished section of London’s Underground. In the course of scouting the area, Lucius sneaks up on the leader of the gang and his special female friend, who are in flagrante delicto and talking about how to spend the money they’re going to receive for kidnapping the group. The rest of the party joins Mr. Beauregard and attempts to talk to the pair of thugs, who alas will not listen to reason, and attack to prevent their captives from fleeing and denying them their ill-gotten gains. The pair puts up more of fight then their underlings, but they, too are soundly routed. After the fight, Lucius celebrates with another drink, sharing it with Jasper, who quickly becomes inebriated from the strong Kentucky bourbon.

Moving further down the tunnel, the party hears the sounds of multiple screams. Another of the thugs runs up to them gibbering about escaping. Upon realizing they are not another of his comrades, he turns and runs in the direction he came, only to be overwhelmed by a swarm of what appears to be overlarge brass clockwork spiders. The creatures swarm over the thug, injecting him with syringes attached to their forelegs, and the hapless brute dies as his skin bubbles away from acid. The frightening mass turns on the group, who with a few well-aimed shots, strikes of the blade, and the special telekinetic talents of Miss Crossley, handily turn the monsters into a pile of metal scrap, broken glass, and pools of chemicals.

Venturing onward, the group comes to the end of the tunnel, a wide chamber with a ladder to the surface. The corpses of a half-dozen gang members litter the ground. Standing between them and freedom is a well-dressed gentlemen.

“Thank you for saving me the trouble of coming to get you.” the stranger taunts them, then points at Jasper. “You shall be coming with me.” The adventurers, however, disagree, blocking the way and trading gibes with the intruder. The strange man taps his walking stick on the ground, and with a word of power, reanimates the dead thugs, ordering them to attack. The Necromancer gloats, but his gibes and cool demeanor soon give way to curses as he is attacked, his own spells turned against him. Cursing and bloody, the villain flees, defeated and denied his quarry. The zombies loose their dark power soon after their master retreats, and fall back to the ground, dead again.

The group leaves the tunnel, surfacing in an industrial sector of London, late at night. Jasper hails them a cab, requesting that they go see Lord Harbrand at once. Partway into the ride, Jasper blinks out to go warn the Viscount of their arrival. Eventually, the cab discharges Ada, Dominic, and Lucius in front of an elegant Georgian-style building in Westminster. The only ornamentation on the edifice is a small brass plaque that reads “The Embers Club”. The door opens, and a smartly dressed butler admits the party, leading them through the empty club to Lord Harband’s private office.

The Viscount greets them warmly, thanking them profusely for saving his ward (who is snoring loudly in a chair before the fire). He invites them to sit, and has food and drink ready. The group relates the events of the evening, and begins to question Lord Harbrand, who responds that he should begin by relating the reason he invited them all to meet with him in the first place.

As they each know, the supernatural is real, and is a threat. Viscount Harbrand is in fact the leader of a storied order of hunters and guardians, know as the Brotherhood of Prometheus. Hidden beneath the guise of the Embers Club, the Brotherhood has protected England from dark threats since they were first formed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Because of their deeds and reputations, Lord Harbrand believes Ada, Dominic, and Lucius would make for ideal additions to the Brotherhood, and offers them the chance to do good works as its newest agents. They all agree to join.

Visibly relieved by their acceptance, the Viscount explains that the group were not the only ones who had been attacked that evening. Attacks were carried out against Brotherhood agents across London that evening, some fatal. As most of the Brotherhood members have gone to ground to protect themselves, no one can be sure of the final cost of the attacks, and there are very few clues as to who is responsible. It is suggested that perhaps there is a mole within the ranks of the Brotherhood, and while he looks troubled, Lord Harbrand does not disagree with this possibility.

Harband also mentions that the Brotherhood has noticed a sharp increase in the amount of supernatural activity of late. Ada suggests a séance to perhaps gain answers from the spirit world, and Harbrand agrees, although he recommends that the group recuperate for a bit first. Dominic says that that they investigate the matter of the metal spiders for further leads; Harbrand recommends speaking with the Brotherhood’s resident engineer, Doctor Macpherson.

The hour being late, Viscount Harbrand offers lodging to the group for the evening, promising to speak to them again in the morning. Before the party retires, he offers them each a gift: a silver medallion inscribed with the sigil of the Brotherhood, and sword and hammer cross over a fiery field, below an eye of providence. Thanking them again for the service they provided in saving Jasper, Lord Harbrand bids them all a good night.


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